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Conveyor Loader exceeds max kg limit

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When using an auto-sweeper to loadĀ atmo suits from a smart storage bin into a conveyor loader that has its output blocked, the conveyor loader is capable of far exceeding the 1000 kg limit. The attached image shows a conveyor loader with over 3000 kg worth of atmo suits loaded into it.

Conveyor Loader Bug.png

Steps to Reproduce

1. Fill a smart storage bin with several thousand kgs worth of atmo suits

2. Place an auto sweeper and conveyor loader within range so that the auto sweeper will remove the atmo suits from the smart bin and place them into the conveyor loader. Ensure that the conveyor loader exit is blocked.

3. Watch as the conveyor loader exceeds the kg limit.

User Feedback

Yeah, for some reason, clothing and atmo suits typically looks like they weigh 1kg or so to storage bins and conveyor loaders, but claims to weigh 200kg or whatever visually when inspected.

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Same happens with the interplanetary launcher. Despite each payload having a maximum mass of 200 kg it managed so send 5 atmo suits in a single one while putting 195 kg ore inside as well. It`s more of an atmo suit bug than a conveyor one.

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I have also seen a storage bin containing 20009 kg of material recently. However, i had no atmo suits in them.

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