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Consistent Crasher when launching rocket

Chetar Ruby
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Fixed

So this is a 2000 cycle colony I've been working on.  I decided I would finish up by doing the temporal tear stuff.  But alas, when my rocket team boards their rocket and launches, the game will crash every time I launch the rocket.

There are some mods used in the save file, but it should work normally* with all the mods missing.  I will include detailed steps to reproduce, the log from my last crash and the save file.

Hopefully it helps devs find this crasher since it's consistent.  I tried it again after today's update dropped, but the crasher is still happening.

Idyllic Spaceprison.sav


* Some machines may break/malfunction without the insulated heavi-watt connector tiles.  But this shouldn't affect the crasher diagnostic.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to the 'tree' planet (tilde-6, or shift-4)

2. Finish the atmo dock checkpoint there

3. Rebuild the 3 ladder and insulated tiles outside the liquid lock.

4. Have the three dupes (Mae, Rowan and Commander Spleen) on that asteroid board the rocket.

5. Set destination to land on the lava planet.

6. Launch rocket, game will crash about half way through the launch, consistently.


Follow what I did in this video


User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Getting same bug. Just as the rocket leaves the screen.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

SingleEntityReceptacle.UpdateStatusItem () (at <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0)
SingleEntityReceptacle.Render1000ms (System.Single dt) (at <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0)
SimAndRenderScheduler+Render1000msUpdater.Update (IRender1000ms updater, System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.InternalAdvance (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.Advance (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
StateMachineUpdater.Render (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0)
Game.LateUpdate () (at <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0)

Build: U33-474321-SD

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Changed Status to Fixed

The issue is caused by the Artifact Transport Module, it's already fixed in public testing.

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