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Cell content (liquid) display broken

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I did some more experiments on the liquid-amount corruption (see bottom of this posting) in sandbox. What I saw was the value apparently corrupting and then un-corrupting again. It seems this may only be a display-bug:


The pop-up has a corrupted value, while the selection-info has not. It seems your display routine does not make sure the value to be displayed is in a valid range and that the number in [kg] is too large, while the number in [t] is not.

Attached save shows the effect as well.


Note that there is a second bug, probably unrelated, as far too much water gets added to the 4 storage cells at the bottom per door-cycle. It should be around 3t, it is more like 135t. This is strange as addition between large and small floats should only ever result in too small a result, never in one too large. Can also be seen in the attached save. Just add the 4 cells together when the inner door is closed, run it one door-cycle and then add it all again.


This is a follow-up to 



Steps to Reproduce

See above.


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