Can't launch rocket - Missing Qualified Crew

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I can't launch a rocket despite having a dupe with both rocket piloting skills in the rocket - all the checklist is checked except for having a crew member with the required skills. They are set as the crew and in the pod with the right skill. Is this a bug?



Steps to Reproduce

Build rocket, put dupe in rocket, do everything on checklist, train dupe in require skills, fail, cry.

User Feedback


Did you check in Lindsay's priorities whether she has Rocketry disabled?

Also try making her temporarily the only one on the crew. 

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It happened to me one time. But if fixed itself.

I let the dupe out (assign "change crew" to all) and then retry (assign "change crew" to crew only) and launch.

For some reason just that one time it did not register my dupes as qualified (I had two dupes crew in command module, both rocket pilots that did travel before) but following the steps above ("all" then "crew" again) it fixed itself.

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