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can't copy critter drop-off with hotkey

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

the "copy building" hotkey is B by default. I have not changed that.

if I click on an existing, built critter drop-off and press B, nothing happens

If I click on the "copy" button next to the building menu, it works

the hotkey works for every other building, it even works for critter drop-offs that aren't built yet, just placed. but not for built ones

Steps to Reproduce
  1. place a critter drop-off and wait for it to be built
  2. select it
  3. press B

I've attached my save file just in case

Invisible Gang.sav

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User Feedback


Its actually much worse than this, any item with the Element Filter window (most storage containers and the Critter Drop-Off) do not allow ANY input while selected. ESC, WASD, zooming in/out with mouse scroll wheel; nothing works until you click on something without the Element Filter window.

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