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cannot build corner moulding

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i'm not sure if it's voluntary or not, but i can't build a corner moulding if the diagonal corner isn't build.

Corner tile 1.png

Corner tile.png

Steps to Reproduce

build 2 tiles in diagonal. try to build a corner moulding (you can't). add a 3rd tile, and now you can.

Dédale Temporel.png

Dédale Temporel.sav

User Feedback

I encountered the same problem in a sligthly different order. I had a ceiling tile and side wall tile, the diagonal tile was a natural tile. I put the order for the corner moulding in, and mined the diagonal, natural tile. The corner moulding will not get built.




To answer your question: this is not intended. This bug has happened in older versions of vanilla ONI, and was eventually fixed. THe corner moulding should not interact with the diagonal tile at all.

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