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Can Land Dupe in Suit but Suit Doesn't Show

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending


I've noticed this bug a few times - I've been able to land a colonist on a magma planet that I hadn't previously built anything on.  I have a suit dock in my module one space to the right of the entrance; I move the colonist to that space causing them to put on their atmo suit.  I then go to the Starmap screen, and land a trailblazer module with the colonist wearing the suit.

When the colonist lands, the suit is n't visible, but you can tell that they have the attributPlanet 1 (2).zipes of a suit (e.g. they don't scald or suffocate). You can also unequip the suit. I've confirmed that if I send a dupe down w/o the suit in the module, they are definitely un-suited (i.e. they scald and suffocate).


Steps to Reproduce

See the description above.  Just need to move a dupe into an atmo suit they put on in the module and land them via trailblazer module.  I've done it several times now.

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User Feedback

I have seen them missing the helmet in similar situations. That was before the last patch though, no idea whether it still happens.

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