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Buttons in consumables misaligned

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

The buttons for toggling what foods the dupes can/cant eat are misaligned. I went to turn off meat and it turned off swamp chard heart. Along with the button for nutrient bars is missing over half. Changing UI scale had no effect, nor did resolution. No other windows with buttons seem to be misaligned. Reloading did nothing, works fine in a new world so something with this one is not working right. Welp I broke it heh ^.^


Edit: I cooked some swampy delights and now my buttons are back to normal, least it fixed itself for now.

Edit:  Some how wrong save / screen shot was uploaded.




Buttons not working right.png



Steps to Reproduce

Pick a food item from the printing pod, The button screen shot is after some omelets, I reloaded many times to get another food item that I didn't have. And same thing happened with grub fruit preserve. Thou this time the misalignment wasn't as bad I did notice it on cycle 45, so maybe it stacks the improper alignment?

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