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Atmo Suits Stacking in Lead Suit Docks

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I have a set of atmo suit docks back to back with a set of lead suit docks. The goal was that dupes would doff their atmo suits first and then don lead suits on the way to my rad reactor area. I recently found that I accidentally had a pathing loop, enabling them to enter the area in atmo suits and bypass the docks. When dupes would pass out of the area through the docks, the atmo suit appeared to disappear at the lead suit dock. Then they would get stuck at the atmo suit dock with no suits available. I thought that was the bug. I fixed the loop and made more suits. I just found that the suits were stacked in large numbers in the lead suit docks. By deconstructing, I recovered a couple dozen atmo suits from 5 lead suit docks.


Steps to Reproduce

Have dupes in atmo suits pass through lead suit docks.

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