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asteroid surface not visible / floating scout rover lander

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I just landed on Yuckano (the tungsten volcano asteroid) with a scout rover. I had to search around for a bit until the map wasnt all black.

I had almost no visible tiles on the surface, so I just clicked on a valid placement for the scout rover, which led to this floating scout rover lander


Steps to Reproduce
  1. visit the fourth asteroid (the one with tungsten volcanoes) with a scout rover module
  2. see that the surface is not visible
  3. place lander in the air / on top of unknown tiles

Invisible Gang.sav

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User Feedback

.... ....

I am having something similar to this issue with the first asteroid I discovered with the telescope.  The surface just looks black all over and clicking in what looks like a valid location, doesn't seem to work.  However when I use the Trailblazer this works.

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