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Zombie dupes

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In one of my sessions, I had this one duplicant who died. I built some memorials and one of the living dupes buried it. When I noticed it, the dead dupe was running around and completing tasks like any other dupe. And since the name that dupe had isn't one of the default and I didn't name the dupes after the initial crew, I don't think that is a new guy.


Steps to Reproduce
Have one of your dupes die and get buried in a Tasteful Memorial.
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5 hours ago, Asparagus said:

Why am I giggling about this? Why am I loving this?! O__O

You're loving my zombie dupe? XD

That zombie dupe was amazing. And then she died again. I don't think she came back though

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I can confirm dupe zombification.

1: Dupe was suffocating head in air wall.
2: Air wall was scheduled to be deconstructed.
3: Dupe died because of night and no rescue.
4: Dead dupe felt into ground.
5: When touched ground it resurrected (health still zero)

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