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Yokel Dupe doing research

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Started with a Dupe and the Yokel Trait and he was doing Research at the Research Station.

Steps to Reproduce
Just started the game with a Yokel Dupe doing nothing more

User Feedback

Did the devs change the "cant perform job" attributes to apply to not allow them to be assigned a certain job type? I've seen trypophobic dupes digging, uncultured dupes painting, etc, but you cannot assign them to  a JOB of that description, preventing them from learning stuff from the advanced job benefits.

This seems related to this bug:


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I'm having this same issue, but with multiple jobs. Gastrophobic dupes cooking, yokel dupes researching. It really gets in the way...image.thumb.png.647e07490b0a509a7abd0492a35a8a6e.png

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