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Wrong heat transfer (water <> pipe). Experiment

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Debug mode (Editor).

input: 1000 g of crude oil (SHC.1.69 (J/g)/K  ) at 348.5 C, 1000 g/sec through abys. pipes

pipe in a middle : one pipe (igneous rock (SHC 0.2), 100kg ,20C , one tile inside vacuum)

output: crude oil at 329.6 C , pipe (igneous rock), 28C  correct ? wrong!

Math: resulting oil lost 18.9 degrees C, what is equal 1.69*1000g*18.9C = 31.9 kW,  igneous rock pipe gained 8 degrees C ,100000g*8C*0.2 = 160 kW,

so question is: why did it heat so much (5 times more than needed)






Steps to Reproduce
open save file and let oil flows through pipes , or build equal set up in editor

User Feedback

There are two hidden factors in heat transfer, one of them is factor 5.

Factor 5 means「Every joule effects 5 times on buildings. For example, 800kg of iron needs 359.2 kJ to rise temperature by 1 degree. However, one anti entropy(iron, 800kg) only needs 71.84 kJ to rise temperature by 1 degree.」


Another factor is Factor 200 which means「 The true heat generation is 200 times as many as be displayed. For anti entropy, the heat generation that is displayed is -400w, but the true heat generation is -80kw」


I guess the factor 5 causes the result.

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