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Wrong behaviors on melting tiles

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Tiles have wrong behaviors when melting after Fast Friend update.

I performed an experiment to heat tiles to melting point by hot debris.


Weight Plates: Double gain after melting (yield 100kg molten metal instead of 50kg). 

Weight Plates in old saves: sometimes 0 gain, sometimes 50kg, sometimes 100kg, (can't reproduce)

Airlocks: Half gain after melting (yield 100/200kg molten metal instead of 200/400kg)

Most other tiles: Never melt until touching another tile.


Steps to Reproduce

Load the save below and watch the tiles melt.


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User Feedback

I stumbled upon what is probably this bug:


Current Spaced-Out (U46-552078-5), macOS.


Never melt until touching another tile.

I was able to melt the tile and the joint plate by building a gas bridge across them, so probably any other entity to exchange heat with will  suffice.

EDIT: Amusingly enough, if the bridge from the same material is built over the tile, then the bridge will melt, but the tile won't :D

debug tile melting Cycle 49.sav

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