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Wrangling critters resets them to default state

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I have tried this with hatches and dreckos, but it will most likely work for every critter.

If you wrangle any critter and then release it to stable again, it's stats will get reset.

For dreckos even their scales will regrow. (Unlimited plastic/fiber)

Steps to Reproduce
Drecko case: 1. Wrangle wild drecko 2. Release it to your stable at critter drop-off 3. Tame and shear the drecko. (Taming part is optional) 4. Wrangle and release it again. 5. After releasing it's wilderness will be at 100%, scales will regrow and other stats after taming (age, reproduction) will reset to 0 too.

User Feedback

I've run into this too.

This could be working as intended, but if that's the case we need the Dreckos to stop crawling through doors. I can do absolutely nothing to keep them penned in, not with automation, not with clever architecture. If a dupe opens a door at the wrong time they're gone.

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