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Worn suits "echo" on the floor (invisible)

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I have 3 suits that let an invisible "echo" were they fell after fabrication, as showed on the picture.

The strange thing is owners came to wear them several time and, as you can see, i can request a sweep on the echo.

Just after I took the picture, dupes (suits owners) were idle and came to wear their suits and this time suits disappeared... 

Now, I have invisible Harold's Warm Sweater instead (he also came to put on a suit and he was and is still wearing it).


I tried my best but english is not my language, sorry for mistakes, I hope my explanation is clear...

Thanks for all the nice work you are doing !


Steps to Reproduce
I'm not sure, I just created suits and they stays on the floor until I gave them to a dupe... some time I created just one, and sometimes 3 following.. I's not very annoying so I didn't noticed soon...
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User Feedback

I experienced this same problem after deconstructing the Textile Factory. The Snazzy Suits suddenly reappeared as sweep items. When I loaded that save later, Duplicants would randomly leave their Snazzy Suit on the floor as sweep items it seems.

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