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[World generation] Geyser missing/too much geyser

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I think i got a problem with the generation of my geysers:

On Arboria - Seed: 999637854


This template (of geyser i think) is located middle ouest of the map:


When you dug it; no geyser is found on the neutronium.




The seed have the geodes and the geoactive trait; i get the following geyser:

2 Gold Volcano; 5 cool steam geyser; 3 NG geyser, 1 leaky oil geyser, 4 polluted water geyser, 1 salt water geyser, 1 infectious polluted oxygen vent

So a total of 17 geyser.

I m not missing a geyser; in fact i've got 1 more than normal! (Base 12 + 4 for geoactive)




Steps to Reproduce
Create a game with the seed 999637854 on Arboria
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User Feedback


I have the same situation in 50% of cases when generating new asteroid

oceania 1241062597, LU-348980


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