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  1. How do you see the version of the game in steam? Every time; steam take 1hour to publish the update...
  2. Hello, I think i got a problem with the generation of my geysers: On Arboria - Seed: 999637854 This template (of geyser i think) is located middle ouest of the map: When you dug it; no geyser is found on the neutronium. The seed have the geodes and the geoactive trait; i get the following geyser: 2 Gold Volcano; 5 cool steam geyser; 3 NG geyser, 1 leaky oil geyser, 4 polluted water geyser, 1 salt water geyser, 1 infectious polluted oxygen vent So a total of 17 geyser. I m not missing a geyser; in fact i've got 1 more than normal! (Base 12 + 4 for geoactive) Regards, C.G.
  3. You can see a small battery on the middle of the transformer (it's 4KJ). This means that the transformer is a 4KW consumers. Transformers are means to be supply by heavy wire (like the schema on the right side of your screenshot).
  4. If you look on the transformer in the electric overlay; you see a little battery in the middle (1KJ for the little transformer and 4KJ for the big one). This means that little tranformers are 1KW consumers. (this battery will fill up when you power up ur circuit). You use a small wire (1KW max) to supply 2KW consumers. So the wire overload. It s normal. It's consistent. Transformers are means to be supplied by heavy wire; like on the schema on your screenshot (the big transformers is a 4KW consumers anyway no choice here). Heavywire can be used to link multiple generator.
  5. Sorry about the image; got two left hand. Edit: image fixed
  6. The starmap have a graphic bug in 3440*1440 resolution. Planets are dispalyed 2 times. Changing the resolution in 1920*1080 correct the display. The bug is only graphic; and dont change or block anything.