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When there are appx. 120 dupes in a single job, the rest can't switch to that job

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I noticed that once I got around 120 or so Gofers in this Mush Bar Factory with horrible working conditions, the other 30+ dupes can't switch to the Gofer job because they're "Not Qualified" for some reason. Even after pressing Ctrl+F4, they still can't switch jobs.

Abe loves supply jobs but he can't become a Gofer.



Even with debug mode Ctrl+F4, Abe still can't switch to the Gofer job.



This Mush Bar Factory / Ugly Crier Torture Chamber has 153 dupes.


Steps to Reproduce
Create a colony with 150 or more dupes. Try switching all dupes to one single job (e.g. Gofer). After a certain number (around 120 or so), the other 30 dupes can't switch to that job.
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