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Wheezewort Temperature Range Flipped (I Think)

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Was looking at the wheezeworts in my frozen core when I noticed they weren't working (said temperature was out of required range) even though they were between -60 and -95 celcius. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the lower temperature bound is -60 and the upper bound is -95, meaning that they will work in all temperatures above -60 and below -95, instead of working in the range between -60 and -95, which I assume to be the intended behavior (given that that's how all other plants in the game work).20220928134608_1.thumb.jpg.8df833b63a8de9e5ff9b5697f4d8704c.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

Have wheezeworts. If you subject them to the temperature range stated above they strangely wont work in that certain range, but work fine at all other temperatures.

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