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water overpressuing in one tile [211867]

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Water can get overpressured in a tile for no reason. In the srceen attaced you see a single tile holdung 1500 KG of water while the is no pressure and the water should expand to the tile above.

I've seen this bug reported for gysers in confiend places, but i had this happening in open places with little gas pressure above the tiles and build up to 4000 KG of water in a single tile (damaging adjecient tiles due to overpressuere).



Steps to Reproduce
Build a narrow space an let water dripp in. Prevent a flow, tiles above the build-up-tile should never hold water themselves they have to be gas tiels just having water dripping throug them.

User Feedback

Falling liquid adds mass to the tile that is above the solid surface it collides with regardless of just how much is there.
The simulator is responsible for distributing over pressure tiles elsewhere.

It's suppose to be pushing water tiles upward but you appear to be doing some exploit where it can't decide what to do.

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