water not flowing past mesh tile

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In the save file I have uploaded, a hatch is trapped in an auto-killing room to the left of the printing pod. A series of Mechanized Airlocks will close to drown the hatch.

Expected behaviour: As each door closes, the mass of water will be pushed upward into the tiles above.

Actual behaviour: the water does not pass through the mesh tile, becoming stuck in the top mechanized airlock, until the granite tile at the top left is destroyed by the pressurized water, and the water spills out.

abc Cycle 306.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Using the above save, press play and as the doors close the water will become stuck.
Removing either of the tempshift plate or the conveyer rail fixes the issue.

I was unable to replicate the issue rebuilding the room in another save.

User Feedback


I did not load your save yet, but have you considered, there can be only gas OR liquid at a tile? If there is gas above, that cant go anywhere (for any reason), the water stays where it is, building pressure.

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