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Water Duplication

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I have found a water duplication glitch in your game for OSX, and Windows. When you set up a water loop for the bathroom, one little drop of water can eventually fill all the pipes. My pipes started out with only one water bubble now there is four... I would like this glitch fixed because it always makes my toilet break and the dupes make a mess all over my base.


Steps to Reproduce
First set up a bathroom filtration loop (something like in the picture), then just sit wand wait for the water to build up. (p.s. it will take a couple cycles)

User Feedback

As TehPlayer14 said it's not a bug. You need to make a either a shutoff or automated valve which allows you to drain over a little of the water each cycle. I take like 1-3% of the cycle off. Also you can then have a door under the sieve to hatches so they eat the polluted dirt for coal, have the door also open for this 1-3% :).

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