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Water disappears in pipes

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I have water disappearing in my pipes. I have set up 3 flush toilets, connected to water purification and to a pump in a cistern (lower right of my base in save below). The last bit of pipe before the toilets shows 10kg water, yet the pump keeps pumping in water which then disappears. At the point of this save I've probably had about 50.000kg of water pumped in the system (a bit more than 1 full cistern). I tried rebuilding with the bridges on the outgoing pipe but the problem persisted. In this case, with better observation of the ingoing pipe, I could clearly see the 10kg of water in the final pipe bit before the toilet, incoming water packets of 2-10kg would move to the second-to-last pipe bit and then dissolve and the water disappeared.

More saves available if it can prove useful for you guys.


Kris Cycle 36.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Set up a closed-loop water system in dry conditions (pump not in water), then open a water reservoir that empties in the area with you pump. This is my first try with a water system so I'm not sure whether it's something that will happen every time.

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