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Wash Basin & Sink Incorrect Direction Setting

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I found this by accident.

I was streaming and couldn't figure out why my duplicants wouldn't use the sink properly.

When finally I hovered over this sink, while having it's info panel open, I realized that the two directions presented were different as you can see in the picture below.

This works on the SINK and the WASH BASIN:

Left (Selected) = Both (Dupe Use)

Right(Selected) = Left (Dupe Use)

Both(Selected) = Right (Dupe Use)


Steps to Reproduce
I went through both sink and was basin, and every time i changed them, this worked.

User Feedback

So what is the bug you'd wish to report?

The arrows on top of the sink not indicating the use direction?
The status item not saying use direction?
The tooltip on button not explaining what it does?
The button label not descriptive enough?

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