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Warm Sweater Removal requires save/reload to update temp calculations

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While trying to force my dupes to get hypothermia, all of them got it except one, the dupe wearing a warm sweater. Hovering over her properties, I noticed that Bahni's temp would not drop below 37C while standing in a tile of 22.7C water.


After I removed her sweater, she spent the next day standing in the same water, with no change in temp (stayed at 37C).  Upon save reload, her temp quickly dropped and she appropriately got hypothermia. 

After noticing this, I equipped Ellie with the warm sweater, and sent her off to get sick as well. Her temp did not drop from 37C after entering the water.  I dropped the warm sweater off her, and her temp remained the same. 

Apparently, wearing a warm sweater at least once per save/load allows you to completely ignore the effects of cold weather  (or at least 22.7C water).  I did not test if you gain immunity to the cold biome, or a liquid H2 tank. But still, immunity to hypothermia from normal conditions that cause it is a bug. 

Steps to Reproduce
Put a warm sweater on a dupe. Send them off to get hypothermia in 22C or so water. Take their sweater off. As long as you don't save/load, their temp will not drop. Save/load, and their temp starts dropping.

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