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Vitamin chews status effect tooltip shows incorrect germ resistance value

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When selecting the Apothecary and hovering over "Vitamin Chews" effect. The tooltip says "Germ Resistance: +No Effect", which is not correct.


Frankie recently took a vitamin chew, and has the "Vitamin chews" effect. Hovering over this also displays the incorrect "Germ Resistance: +No Effect".


The correct change IS shown on the germ tab, where Frankie's normal germ resistance is -1, it is now -0.5. This means that the Vitamin Chew effect should be "Germ Resistance: +0.5".


Maybe a rounding/truncating issue where the tooltip for germ resistance cannot display decimals?

Serene Oblivion.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Hover over Vitamin Chews Tooltip and see incorrect Germ Resistance value. See the above description of the issue for more details. Thanks Klei!

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