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Visual Bug when Digging

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Was playing this morning trying out some new features and such and noticed a graphical bug when one of my guys started digging or building or just using their gun at all. I took a screen capture of it in the action, I shall attach it. 


Steps to Reproduce
Not sure what caused it, it seems as though it might have something to do with all the added stuff on my guy that added to stress.

User Feedback

I've ran into the same issue and although I can't get the exact procedure of how to force it to happen I have noticed a few repeat actions that lead up to this. For me usually the game has been running for more than an hour and more often than not its usually right after the Duplicant has eaten then going directly to dig or procure water within six tiles of where they've eaten. Other things I've noticed is that if the colony itself has been expanded to nearly seven times its starting size. More than likely its a graphical glitch due to the immediate cache file being overloaded and the first items, such as Duplicant tools, are forgotten by the game.

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