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  1. Update, quitting the game and bringing it back up now shows the Duplicant as dead below where he was stuck in animation.
  2. I've ran into the same issue and although I can't get the exact procedure of how to force it to happen I have noticed a few repeat actions that lead up to this. For me usually the game has been running for more than an hour and more often than not its usually right after the Duplicant has eaten then going directly to dig or procure water within six tiles of where they've eaten. Other things I've noticed is that if the colony itself has been expanded to nearly seven times its starting size. More than likely its a graphical glitch due to the immediate cache file being overloaded and the first items, such as Duplicant tools, are forgotten by the game.
  3. When an airlock is placed, no matter what kind of door it is, the game processes that door is a solid object whether its opened or closed. Duplicants can obviously pass through it if its opened but they do not stand in it as they read it as an object similar to a wall. The selected dig block is unreachable because the duplicant cannot stand in the airlock or stand on the ladder to keep the airlock open and complete the task.
  4. This new Zombie patch is epic. What Zombie patch you ask? The one that's been there the entire time. Please refer to the pictures attached to follow along on this epic quest to discover patient zero. As you can see the duplicant named Ren is present within the base of The Starving Asteroid yet he does not show on the Vitals window and there's even a report stating that he's dead. In reality Ren is continuously climbing a ladder, one that was removed before visual evidence was taken, stuck in perpetual motion on three squares of ladder that don't exist. There's one specific way to kill a duplicant and yet have them live in a loop of animation, which ever animation when the game decides that the organic copy of life no longer exists. I prefer the sleeping animation, it makes them look like a lazy jerk while everyone else freaks out about the lack of artwork. Please see Steps to Reproduce, I've been able to do so myself three times out of five.