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I found that every now and then Dupes will pull out their tool and it will be oddly colored. Layers over with bright pink. It doesnt happen often but only every now and then.

Bright Pink.png

Steps to Reproduce
I wasnt doing anything special. As they were performing their tasks if you watch sometimes the tool would be like this. ive done multiple new games and has had the same effect.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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User Feedback

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This also intermittently happens to the dupe "portraits" while loading them on screens such as "Consumables" and "Priorities" with ~20ish dupes (at least on my machine, a less beefy one might do it with less). Luckily in that situation it seems to be a placeholder until the portraits are created and/or loaded (might I recommend caching them with a dirty flag to avoid recreating them if there isn't already?).

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