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Various gameplay bugs (some serious)

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Sunbathing with no light causes Duplicants to stay on the deck chair all night.


Really annoying and colony-ruining hydroponics bug that causes liquid to not enter the pipes no matter how much is available. The second vertical pipes were an attempt to see if making a grid would help (it did not). This seems to be a common bug concerning branching pipes. Often liquids will ignore whole branches of a pipe network, even if it is backed up in other areas. Reloading the game often solves this issue!


For some reason, puzzle doors are always solved by default. The batteries in them are nearly always broken. Forcing the player to supply power themselves, or making an invulnerable battery, might fix it.


There are some weird 'unreachable build' glitches. this door was built seconds after me taking the top screenshot. Nothing was changed.


Also this one was built right after this was taken too


Steps to Reproduce
  • Don't build a light for the sunbathing dupes.
  • Make a pipe network with too many branches, or try to make a basic hydroponics farm.
  • Dig around until you find a puzzle
  • I'm really not sure about the unreachable build bug, but I think there being a drop nearby is part of it.
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User Feedback

If you make to many branches from pipes, use bridges to tell the liquid/gas where to go. Or make a loop. This works as intendted, because at a certain point its just not 100% clear where to flow anymore. As far as i understand, this is to prevent too much lag.

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