Using Turbulence in biome noise file crashes

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

The Turbulence node in biome noise files does not work and will crash the game.

I discovered the reason was due to faulty code in ONI. In ProcGen.Noise.Transformer.CreateModule(), it has logic for Turbulence but is missing a return statement (and instead falls back to returning a Displace transformer). This then fails with a NullReferenceException because it tries to cast the erroneous Displace to a Turbulence instance (because the transformerType is Turbulence).

Attached files:

  • Crash log
  • The biome noise file I was testing
  • Image showing the biome noise graph



EDIT: For anyone running into this, the Displace node acts similar to Turbulence, and I was able to switch it out for my use case.

output_log.txt DarkCave.yaml

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Replace any biome noise file with DarkCave.yaml.
  2. Create a new asteroid with that biome.
  3. Freeze on loading screen.


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