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Use Pitcher Pump and Sweepy Dock to obtain ambient metals

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The lower half of Pitcher Pump is not thermally conductive, so liquid metals can be extracted;

Liquid metals can be judged to Refined Metal, so Auto-Sweeper can repeatedly put bottled liquid metals in Sweepy Dock to make Sweepy;

The initial temperature of Sweepy is 19.85 ° C, and it will solidify at low temperatures, (niobium will solidify into cubes due to mass exceeding 25kg)



Steps to Reproduce

将手压泵建于液态金属上方,旁边建造机械臂和扫扫基站 ,保证手压泵和扫扫基站处于三的范围即可(手压泵需放于真空,保证不会因高温损坏)

Build Pitcher Pump on top of liquid metal, build Auto-Sweeper and Sweepy Dock next to it, and ensure that Pitcher Pump and Sweepy Dock are in the range of Auto-Sweeper (Pitcher Pump needs to be placed in vacuum, to ensure that it will not be damaged by high temperature)

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