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  1. In fact, I'm not sure if it's a bug. The phenomenon emerged after last year's fragment phase transition changes. Of the few buildings I've tested a bit, only the electrolyzer has this phenomenon, and there are also gulp fish, but the bug of the fish has been fixed When the temperature of the water in the electrolyzer drops below 0 ° C, the water freezes and buries the machine
  2. The cooling of water and the heating of the Hot Tub are separate and mandatory calculations As a result, you can get a HOT TUB with ultra-high temperature, and you can even use water to swallow heat
  3. 1. Can't make liquid pipe 2. Can't knock into sand 3. Can't feed Hatch or Stone Hatch
  4. 1.Suitable for building thermal conductivity range and actual occupied space is inconsistent:Tempshift Plate,Ice-E Fan; 2.Build the building at the edge of the map and make sure the thermal conductivity range coincides with the neutronium outside the map At this point, you will find that when the game is paused, the building temperature can be displayed normally, but if the pause is canceled, the building temperature will become 0 3.If the building is demolished, 19.85°C of material (including ice) will be obtained
  5. 固体乙醇只是固体,不能储存
  6. There is no need for solid fertilizer for the plants on the flowerpot 花瓶BUG.sav
  7. Sweepy dock, when making sweepy, only judge its material and not its state of matter
  8. By using two kinds of different liquids to bypass the pressure judgment of the electrolyzer, oxygen and hydrogen can be produced endlessly. And ignoring the gas quality and working constantly is obviously against the original intention of the machine.