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Unplayable lag after Cosmic update

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I play on an older laptop that was able to hold its own until the Cosmic update, now it starts slow and gets progressively slower, and ends up lagged out at around 1 frame per second.  This happens as early as ten cycles into the game.  Unfortunately this makes it unplayable.  Prior to the update I was playing a 600+ cycle game, so it is a recent thing.  Are the any optimizations on the way? Are there any adjustments for crappy computers I am missing (such as unloading hidden areas)?  I have Core i7@2.3G with 8G RAM).  Odd trivia bit, the character animation speed remains the same regardless of speed game speed setting.  

Love the game and am disappointed I cant get to the surface to try out the new stuff, especially the solar panels (as a sustainability engineer, I was really looking forward to those).  Help!  


Steps to Reproduce
Start a game.

User Feedback

The save file you uploaded is only one cycle old. Are you saying that the game slows down right at the beginning of playing?

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Must have grabbed the wrong save file.  It starts slowing after a couple of cycles, gradually worsens and then is flipcards after about 20 minutes of running.  Also it often freezes during the switch from night to day cycles, sometimes for up to 10 seconds or so.  I am hopefully uploading the correct save file this time.  Thank you for your attention on this.   

Lagsteroid cycle 10 .sav

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Update:  I played it super laggy for 90 cycles (lay out some work...go have a cup of tea...rinse repeat.  I opened up a cool steam vent on the side of the map, released the water and instantly the lag was gone.  Not sure if that was the issue or if I just happened to be doing that when the lag stopped.  Anyway, here is the 90 cycle game if you are interested. Great game! (so good I will play it at 1 frame/sec if I am having a good game :) )

90 Cycles Lagsteroid no more.sav

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