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Unnecessary scrollbar in scaled UI

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When using UI scaling (120%) there is an unnecessary scrollbar on many elements (see screenshot). My resolution is 1920 x 1080 in case that matters.


Steps to Reproduce

Set the UI scaling and open a menu.

User Feedback

Nope, as you can see, the icon for the liquid reservoir is not fully displayed. So its not completely unnecessary. It is not everything fully visible, and then the system draws the scrollbar. Works perfect as intended.

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Well yes but it is not fully visible because the little window is drawn too short, which then leads to the scrollbar appearing. It happens even if I only have a single row or two of icons. Arguably, the issue is with the window height not being properly calculated with UI scaling. So, while you are technically correct (the best kind of correct), it is still ugly to have scrollbars everywhere. Also, why would the window height be almost enough to show the icons but not quite?

Here is another example where you can see the issue more clearly.

I've figured that they probably appear even without UI scaling, but the issue remains regardless. A slightly taller window would eliminate the need for many of the scrollbars.


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Such things happen when you just make some scaling without checking for consistence. They may add some checks if the scrollbar ist useless, but i dont consider this an issue, rather than an annoying thingy. And yes, i hate such things too ;)

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