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Undiscoverable planets beyond empty range band (SERIOUS, GAMEBREAKING)

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With the introduction of the feature that hides distant planets until previous ones are analyzed, my current testing seed has a huge game-breaking issue


I happen to know, from previous testing, that the second to last band, 100,000-110,000, is empty, and that the final band, 110,000-120,000, contains two gas giants, however now it is not possible to ever detect these two gas giants, because there is no planet in the previous range to analyze; this volcanic planet is now the end of the road.  This cuts the player off from gas giants entirely.  Even with debug mode.

save file also attached--note however that the star map is the old one (some already identified objects, only one near object) however I have verified that this bug still occurs in a new save game on this seed in the current version with the newest version of the star map (SU-289453).


Steps to Reproduce
1) start a game on seed 562349382. 2) enable debug (backspace) and instant build (control+F4). 3) open star map. 4) analyze all objects. Result) notice that the most distant ranges are bugged: the second to last range (100,000-110000) has no bodies, so the last range (110,000-120000) cannot be detected/explored.
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