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Unannounced Steam Initialization Failure

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Steam errors are absolutely NOT related to Oxygen Not Included and are affecting other games... This may or may not be limited to my computer setup, or may be indicative of some flaw in the most recent steam update.

However, during these Steam failures, when executed, Oxygen Not Included begins normal loading procedures, then quits to desktop from Klie Logo screen with no error message. Mods are loaded prior to Steam API check, making load to exit times unnecessarily long... I know this because my first troubleshooting attempt was to delete my mod folder.

Unloading then reloading Steam fixes problem, but again, Oxygen Not Included gives no indication of what is wrong. "Player.log" does indicate the error, but the file can be difficult to read when mods are being used.

Please load mods after Steam check, and/or incorporate a message box indicating that Steam is not loaded or not loaded properly.

Again, I know this error originates with Steam, not Oxygen Not Included, and my be limited to my setup, this bug report is limited to the lack of error messaging.



Steps to Reproduce

Reproduction steps unknown, however, Steam seems to stop responding to API calls/checks when the Steam client has been loaded for a long time. The Steam client continues to work as intended, but all games give errors indicating that Steam is not loaded, Steam extensions are unavailable, or exit to desktop.

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