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unable to prioritize decontruction

  • Known Issue

I am pretty sure this is a bug as I am unable to prioritize deconstruction. Even when attempting to move a duplicate to the tile it will not act on it.

Steps to Reproduce
Attempt to prioritize the deconstruction of a tile.

User Feedback

Without further information on the issue, I am not sure if mine is the same case or even in the same branch, however, I have noticed that buildings that require materials delivered (which have a priority setting in them), will not be deconstructed unless its priority setting is set to the highest number (or higher than any other building/action/etc.), otherwise it will just sit there forever or until its priority number becomes the highest priority. The list of such buildings that I have observed so far include but not limited to:

  • Compost
  • Algae Terrarium
  • Air Deodorizer


Personally, I enjoy deconstruction being always prioritized without having to set a number to it, so this creates an issue that tends to go unnoticed since I assume by default that all deconstruction orders will be immediately executed with the highest priority.

On that same note (although this is more of a suggestion), it would be good if construction orders had its own queue within the highest priority setting that currently deconstruction has, this way it still executes above everything else (on the same level as deconstruction) but you can still choose which construction order executes before other construction orders.

I guess I will post this on the suggestion forum...

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