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Unable to change construction priority from plumbing or ventilation overlay

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

In the live branch, it is currently possible to change construction priorities from either the plumbing or ventilation overlays by pressing the "P" key. In the preview branch, pressing the "P" from the plumbing or ventilation overlays results in similar behavior (the "mini" priority overlay appears, etc.) with the exception that the selected construction priorities never change. See attached save file for an example.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Queue up a liquid pipe or gas pipe construction order 2. Activate either the plumbing or the ventilation overlay 3. Press "P" to bring up the "priority mini-overlay" 4. Using his "priority mini-overlay," attempt to change the pipe construction priority from the default "5" to "6" 5. Exit all overlays and verify that the pipe construction priority has not changed

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