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UI freezes after system hibernation/standby

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If the game is paused and the system goes to standby/hibernation, it occurs occasionally that when I enter the game next day after restoring the computer run state, that the UI is no longer updated, although the mouse and keyboard still is triggering events, and I can hear the game producing sounds of activity (like logic circuits switching on or off). This is not regularly the case but happened more than once to me and not just with the latest version.

Attached log is in 7zip file format as it is uncompressed 630MB - which might be a symptom of the problem. I suffixed it with .txt to pass your upload filter.

Steps to Reproduce
Have a fairly progressed game be in pause, hibernate the computer, start the computer, try to continue the game. There might be more variables in the scenario, like the difference of pausing the game with space, or having it paused by showing the game menu or the research/space overlay, and having the game as foreground or background application when hibernating.

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