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Turbine drainage is deleted.

Keith Smithee
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Turbine drainage is deleted.

Please be aware that I am translating from Japanese.

If the return water of the steam turbine is discharged under a certain environment, it will be lost.



steam delete bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Observe after loading save data. セーブデータをロードした後に観察してください。

User Feedback

This is a translation from Japanese, so please forgive me for any minor mistakes.

There were other people who verified the save data on the forum, but it didn't seem to happen there.
I'm sure it happens in my environment, so I've taken a video of it and attached it.

steam deleted.mp4

Once the vent on the right side is closed, the steam chamber sensor on the left side from then on somehow does not become 20kg, resulting in the loss of steam.

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I may be experiencing the same issue. Upon loading a save, the chamber beneath my turbines has 24.4kg/tile steam. Within a minute, the steam volume drops below 16kg and continues falling. The chamber is sealed, so it appears that steam mass is being deleted. Screen shots and save file are attached.



Space Adventure - Broken.sav

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