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Trypophobia duplicates are actually able to dig

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A way to exploit duplicates with trypophobia traits, apparently if a building is placed in an area that isn't dug out yet, the duplicates will dig it out in order to build the structure which is normal. The thing is, the duplicates with trypophobia will dig it out to build the structure, hence a player can place down structures to dig out an area with a duplicate that has the trypophobia trait and cancel it once its dug out.

I've included an image of one of my duplicates with trypophobia doing some digging.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Get a duplicate with a trypophobia trait. 2. Place a structure in an are that isn't dug out and arrange priorities so that the other duplicates are occupied. 3. Watch the duplicate with trypophobia dig out the area for the structure.

User Feedback

1 hour ago, FrostedBeats said:

I just thought about it, how come he's exhaling CO2 if he's holding his breath D:

He's exhaling the processed O2 that has gathered in his lungs while he had access to O2. And regarding the bug - nice exploit - using construction dig instead of normal dig, as they're different categories :)

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I just figured I'd mention that this is still an outstanding issue; I have a duplicant with trypophobia that is able to dig under the exact conditions mentioned here.  If save games need to be attached to move this to a confirmed issue, I can attach from my latest game.

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