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Triple success

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Calmly looking through the log of entries, I found three identical at first glance entries with the heading "Initial success". Interested in this, I studied all three records and found out that they have the following differences:
in the first in the background [chatter sounds] and in the recording it is said about strange speech about incomprehensible tumors and rudimentary limbs
, in the second in the background (screeching) it is about incomprehensible sounds, benign tumors and the absence of limbs.
in the third entry in the background (bird trills) and we are talking about meowing, benign tumors and rudimentary limbs.
It may be a translation error (Russian, official)

Steps to Reproduce

Go to the "Research records" section

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These lore entries represent slightly varied realities from other timelines that leaked through the Temporal Tear. There's a MyLog entry called "Leaking Dimensions" that provides more context.


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