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Translation Reload on Geforce Now close the game

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When I select a language in the game, there is a need to close and open the game (it happens automatically when I click yes in the dialog).
Geforce Now does not allow this action, when the application is closed it interprets that the session is closed, and when I open it again this configuration is lost.

I use the Brazilian Portuguese translation which is through a Mod.

Here would be two solutions that I think would solve the problem:
First would be to record the information of the chosen language in the cloud, and try to load the mod, if it doesn't exist go to default.

Second would be to reload the game without closing the process.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Sign the PT-BR Translation Mod in the Steam Workshop
2 - Open the Game in Geforce Now
3 - Trying to change the language

User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

While Oxygen Not Included is playable on Geforce Now, it is not a supported platform for the game. You will need to contact Nvidia Support for help with this issue.

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