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Transformers consuming twice power produced.

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I decided to try and use transformers to "step-up" the wattage from the generators to the battery banks. The reason I am doing this is to use less heavi-watt cabling and have a high decor value near the generators for my electrical engineers to benefit from. In this picture you can see an issue I have been having. The nat gens are off due to lack of fuel (the geyser I am using is dormant) so they are not running at the same time as my coal gens. What is causing the issue is that the transformer seem to be consuming twice the produced wattage of my coal gens. I have the middle coal gen circuit selected in this picture. You can see that it is producing 900 wattage per second (it is tuned-up), but the transformer is consuming 1.8 kW per second. I haven't tested to see if this means I am getting free energy from this. The strange thing is that it seems to happen randomly when the generators are activated. In this picture, the transformers for the other two coal gen circuits are not behaving this way, but they have before without me changing anything to this setup. When they decide to bug out and consume twice the produced wattage on the other two circuit, it causes a lot of circuit overloading.


Happy Dump.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Use a power transformer to step-up wattage from 2kW wires with generators connected, up to a heavi-watt circuit with batteries connected. Having multiple circuits stepped-up will give you a better chance of producing this bug since it isn't 100% consistent. It has happened to me well over 50% of the time though. Attached is my save file if it is needed.

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