Tool filter not saved to save game

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When using the Deconstruct/Cancel tool I usually have selected "Buildings" instead of "All", and I'm switching to the overlays to deconstruct/cancel other errands. However, after loading a game, the filter is always reverted to "All" and I forget about it, so it happens to me all the time that everything (including pipes/wires/automation) is deconstructed when I only wanted the building to be gone.

A few months ago building material selection has been added to the save game. I feel like the "Tool Filter" selection for the Deconstruct/Cancel tool is a similar thing and should be saved, too.

Steps to Reproduce
Equip Deconstruct tool. Select "Buildings" in the "Tool Filter" window. Save the game, Load the game. Equip Deconstruct tool. Filter is reverted to "All".

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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