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Toilets not being filled with required amounts of dirt, leading to permanently out of order until reload

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I've noticed since the latest update in Dec'22, that some of the toilets in my bases are out of order permanently 

on further investigation, in several cases i noticed they only have 195kg of Dirt, but require 200kg. 

Steps to Reproduce

I do not know how to reproduce the issue, as it occurs periodically. during the last 300 cycles

But what i can observe is that locking a duplicant in the Toilet room with excess dirt, in Yellow and Red Alert, he has no chores listed 

the only way to overcome the issue is deconstruct the latrine and rebuild it. 

reloading the game does fix the issue. so unfortunately i do not have a screenshot to demonstrate the effect at the time

the affected save is included.


if it happens again ill upload other saves. Others maybe able to report similar incidences


toilet_bug.sav toilet_bug.sav

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