Timelapse images are inconsistent

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I've uploaded my save and all the timelapse images to http://ge.tt/2P0ZfZx2 (since the saving was originally broken, that's really all of them). The first 2 also have smaller dimensions, before I raised the resolution to the maximum. But besides that, there are several problems that can be noticed:

  • Same of them have broken colors (e.g. cycle 520). See e.g. the empty rooms below the base that are filled with CO2, they are almost black.
  • The scale changes (i.e. how much of the map is visible). See e.g. cycles 508 and 510 which show less than cycle 500.
  • The stepping is irregular. E.g. 490, 492, 497, 500, 508. This means that when playing the images in a sequence, the pace of the progress will be irregular as well. I usually play only for one hour, so it's possible that all those saves that do not end in 0 came from loading or saving.

This all means that when I play the timelapse in "Colony Summary", it looks rather bad and confusing.


Steps to Reproduce
- Set timelapse resolution to the maximum (not sure if this is a factor). - Play the game. - Watch the timelapse in the colony summary.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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