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Thermo regulator turning steam into oxygen...

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A Steel thermo regulator in a hot steam boiler room is getting cooler steam through igneous insulated gas pipes. It is turning half a pipe of steam into a full pipe of oxygen.


picture before reboot:


picture after reboot with steam on the way inside of regulator and Oxygen on the way outside:



I'm slightly confused, to say the least. Going to have to deconstruct and rebuild it next.

Edit:Deleting it made it work again, so I suspect there must have been something going on with oxygen coming in first and confusing the internal code of the regulator. The regulator also doesn't seem to be capable of cooling hydrogen or oxygen below 0c anymore, but that might be a feature of the regulator being very hot?

Steps to Reproduce
Build a thermo regulator in a hot boiler room, connected with insulated gas pipes that should cool steam from a steam generator and recycle the heat. Maybe get some oxygen in there before the steam is fed into the system. Average temperatures around 180-220c.

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